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VoIP Features and Instructions

Your Voice over IP service provides crystal-clear digital quality phone service with many of the features you're used to with your traditional phone line and cell phone. This page lists the features of your phone service and how to use them.

One very important consideration is that your phone service, including 911 emergency service, will not work if you lose power or your Internet connection.

Connecting Your Phone
We provide an adapter, called an ATA, to connect your existing analog phone to the Internet. The ATA has either three or four connectors. Plug in the power adapter and your telephone. If your ATA has just one ethernet connector, plug that into your home network's router. If it has two connectors, plug the WAN port into your home network and if you wish you can plug your computer into the LAN or PC port.
Checking Voicemail
Your phone service comes with voicemail. To retrieve it, simply call your own phone number from either your VoIP phone or any other phone. When the greeting begins playing, press the # key and enter your voicemail PIN number. After you press the # key, you will be presented with options to check messages or manage your voicemail service. The service will direct you through the appropriate menu options to change settings such as your greeting message.
Three-Way Calling
To bring a third party into an ongoing phone call, press the flash key on your phone, then at the dialtone dial the third party's phone number. When they answer, press flash again to bring them into the call.
Transfering Calls
To transfer a call, press the flash key on your phone and at the dialtone, dial the number of the person you wish to transfer the call to. When they answer, simply hang up and the call will be transfered.
Your ATA supports several '*' codes which add useful features for calling. The available codes are:

Key Action
*23 3-way conference code
*87 Blind transfer
*30 Block outgoing caller ID for subsequent calls
*31 Enable outgoing caller ID for subsequent calls
*67 Block caller ID for this call
*82 Send caller ID for this call
*50 Disable call waiting for all subsequent calls
*51 Enable call waiting for all subsequent calls
*70 Disable call waiting for this call
*71 Enable call waiting for this call
*72 Enable call forwarding:
To use this, dial *72 and wait for a dial tone. At the tone, dial the number to forward to followed by the # key, then hang up.
*73 Cancel call forwarding
*90 Busy call forwarding:
Like call forwarding but will only forward calls when you are on the phone.
*91 Cancel busy call forwarding

Delayed call forwarding:
Like call forwarding but waits several seconds before forwarding.

*93 Cancel delayed call forwarding
Using Other Devices
You are welcome to use your own devices with our service, including SoftPhones or an asterisk PBX server. Your device must support the SIP protocol. Please note that if you choose to use your own device we cannot troubleshoot it due to the vast variety of different devices out there. If this is something you would be interested in, please call us to get your SIP login name and password.
If you have any questions, we are happy to help. Please call us at 888-654-4971.


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