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Business-class T1 Service

In some cases, T1 service is still the best option for your business. A T1 is a dedicated, point-to-point circuit, with bandwidth and uptime guarantees.

Reliable internet is key to your business. If downtime is unacceptable, consider MM Internet T1 service backed by a SERVICE LEVEL GUARANTEE.

All of our Business-class lines come with a Dedicated Account Executive, devoted to serving you and your business personally. Our Account Executives will take the time to understand your business and its needs, to better serve you.

Pricing starts at:

  • 1 Single T1 1.5/1.5 Mbps $249 per month

  • 2 Bonded T1's 3.0/3.0 Mbps $479 per month

  • 3 Bonded T1's 4.5/4.5 Mbps $679 per month

A T1 from MM Internet features:

  • Speed: 1.5Mbit/1.5Mbit upload download

  • Dedicated Account Executive

  • Cisco hardware

  • Guaranteed speed and uptime

  • On-site installation and setup

  • Up to 200 spam and virus filtered email accounts at your own domain

  • Static IP's

  • 24/7 line monitoring

  • Optimal routing utilizing the shortest, fastest path available

Please contact us at 888-654-4971 or info@mminternet.com if you have any questions or if you would like to receive a quote.

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